Swan Gathering 04/13/13


 Please come out to show your support to the outgoing SHAAFL Executive and participate in electing the new one or be a part of the executive!
Mek we tell yuh wha gwaan 2012/13 an mek we kno wey yuh waan see fe 2013/14!

We will meet in the conference room upstairs of the

South Broward Regional Library at 7300 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 3 – 5 pm. Please find attached the minutes, financials and agenda.  Kindly assist by printing and bringing along with you to the meeting.

Doan mek dis miss yu! If you can’t be there in person, join us virtually via conference line the dial-in-number: 1-712-432-3100, when prompted enter Conference Code: 274602.

Fidelitas me sey!

Kind regards,

Dr. Sharon M. Smith

President 2012/13, SHAAFL

(708) 404-5504



Greetings and reminder for Feburary 2013


On behalf of the Executive Swans, let me wish for you and your beloved the very best for 2013!

Just a reminder regarding our General Gathering, this Saturday, Feb 9th from 3 -5 pm at the South Regional Broward College Library, 7300 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, FL 33024. Please review and print the attached documents then bring them with you on Saturday!

Over spent this past season, owe some taxes, planning for a new business or retirement or just a triumphant return to Jamaica?  We are pleased to have as our special guest Mr. C. Reginald Esiobu, MBA, CPA, CFP® from Ameriprise, to discuss financial planning for the 21st century woman (even with modest means). Bring your questions, your ideas, bring your friends… don’t mek dis miss yu!  If you can’t be there in person, join us virtually via conference line the dial-in-number: 1-712-432-3100, when prompted enter Conference Code: 274602.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sharon M. Smith
President 2012/13, SHAAFL
(708) 404-5504

Christmas Social Invite


We trust we all had a food-filled and relaxing Turkey Day!  

Let me start by thanking you all for the support thus far, with our numerous fundraisers, general gatherings and the most recent Church Service at Holy Sacrament to celebrate St. Hugh’s Day on Nov 18, 2012!  

Our most successful fundraiser this year, financially at least, has been the JA 50 Celebration Raffle, largely because our expenses were limited to the cost of the tickets and $100 cash prize!  In case you missed it here are the winners of the 5 prizes drawn at our Fabulous Fall Fling – Swan Dance held on St. Hugh’s Day, Nov 17, 2012


1st Prize

Half Moon

Andrea Vaughn

2nd Prize

The Tides

Diane Macina

3rd Prize

Flat Screen TV

Pamela McFarlane

4th Prize


Graham D’oyle

5th Prize

$100 cash

B Clarke


Our next gathering will take the form of an Xmas social on Dec 1st from 3 – 6 pm at the lovely home of our Swan Sis Althea Gravesandy in Pembroke Pines.  Kindly rsvp soonest or by Wednesday 11/28 @ 8 pm to this email sms_mkt@hotmail.com  or floridaswans@shaafl.org or viatext (708) 404-5504  with your name and what you would like to bring


We would love to have a tray each of chicken, fish with salad & hardo bread, xmas deserts (JA style fruit cake, bread pudding, carrot cake etc.) with wine, sorrel & other beverages.  Please feel free to add what ever else you would like to bring, even if it is not listed here. 

Come join us for a relaxing afternoon and hear about our successes, the challenges, what’s next, give us suggestions for improvement and share a light meal in the spirit of Fidelitas and the holiday season!

Thanks for your continued support…. for together we achieve!


Kind regards,

Dr. Sharon M. Smith

President 2012/13, SHAAFL

(708) 404-5504

Mardi Gras In May 2010 Raffle winners

“110 in 2010, the celebration continues”
– Drawing was May 1, 2010 –

1st Prize: ISABELE YAP # 2365 ($1,000 Cash)
2nd Prize: ADDY CHIN #0200 (3 night hotel stay for 2 in Montego Bay, Jamaica)
3rd Prize: GLEN & RAQNEL PORTER #3006 (Original Artwork by renowned Artist, Corinne Wakeland)
4th Prize: CICELY SMITH #2285 (Luggage)
5th Prize: AVA ROSALES #1159 (Gift Basket)

Proceeds from the Raffle will fund Educational Enhancement projects at St. Hugh’s High School.

February 2010 News

Judy Bailey -Clunis, and Denise Bailey (Alumnae) lost their brother Ian Richard Bailey, on Wednesday February 3, 2010 in New Jersey. Ian is the big brother of Peter (Pee Wee) Bailey, Judy Clunis, and Denise Bailey Memorial Service and Burial will be held in New Jersey in the Spring.

January 2010 News

January 20
As we help to rebuild Haiti, each in our own way, our past students are making their mark on the Jamaican effort in a big way.
Distinguished Past Student, Director of Emergency Disaster Management and Special Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr Marion Bullock Ducasse, was among the first Jamaicans to visit that country after the earthquake last Tuesday. She then organised Jamaica’s emergency medical team that started working in Port au Prince on Saturday.
In addition, the philanthropic group “Well Heeled Jamaicans”, created by past student and event planner Lisa Ogilvie, will be having a shoe drive on Sat Jan 23-Sun Jan 24 from 10a.m.-6p.m. at ODPEM (now at 2-4 Haining Road). Her call to action is at the Facebook Page “Well Heeled Jamaicans”. Give them a look- in and support this weekend if you can.

January 6
Condolences to Audra and family.
Our sister Audra-Ann Young (aka ZJ Scoop Zip FM, Class of 1997) lost her mother Marjorie Myrie on Christmas Day last year. The funeral sercice will be held at Webster Memorial United Church on Half Way Tree Road at 10 am.

January 5
Colts 47: fillies 16
In the end it was Colts 47: Fillies 16, but for those who follow the long-running Schools’ Challenge Quiz, it was an event worth watching.
There was a clean start with KC sporting a team of four equally matched white shirted Sixth Formers while St Hugh’s had one Sixth Former and three students in tunics. KC had another advantage as they answered questions after St Hugh’s so benefitted from a few seconds to mentally prepare for the turf ahead.
There was not too much chase at the start and by the speed section the scoreboard was something like KC 16 St Hugh’s 10. KC used the first curve to widen that gap and then gained significant ground by keeping a smooth, steady pace on the backstretch.
Led by a Captain who displayed good technique, the fillies struggled to reduce the lead of the colts. The St Hugh’s Captain pressed her team into a brief chase by rapidly dispatching questions that they could not manage and nailing quite a few that they did. Her mathematics ability was equal to the KC Captain’s. There could have been one debatable point for St Hugh’s as her answer took her outside of the bell by perhaps a fraction of a second. If the overall score was closer, that point could have been challenged.
At the second curve, going into the homestretch, KC was ahead by a furlong. The KC Captain was clearly in charge of his team’s buzzer fingers. They obeyed the pull of his harness, kept in stride and scarcely lost any points with wrong answers. Like St Hugh’s however, they stumbled on cricket and dancehall questions.
The St Hugh’s fillies, on the other hand, took some brave chances that did not pay off. A filly on the outside did a breakout run by taking on West Indian Literature and a foreign language. Her attempts broke pace, carried the team wide and they slipped several precious points.
The Captain showed her despair by letting go of the reins and actually taking her eyes off the team…then one of her pet science subjects came up and she nailed it, gaining a point. Showing her bloodline of champions, the Captain gathered the team together again and bravely held the classic quiz huddle right through the finish line.
The faces of the Fidelitas supporters in the stands were glum, but not dismayed. No prize for second place, but no dignity lost.