General Gathering Minutes – Pembroke Pines 8/10/13

1. Call to order @ 4:07 pm
Welcome & Acknowledgements – present were Sharon Smith, Sharleen Boothe, Fay Ramsay, Joyce Tomlinson (new member), Michelle Manley, and Jacquie Gayle Buckley.
On Conference Call: Violette Wright, Sandra Reece-Riggs, Michelle
Facey-Josephs, Alcia Aries, Jennifer Dean
Apologies –  Fiolina Lovell Burnett, Karen Lee Murphy, Sheryl Ann Mullings-Black, Violette Wright, Cherokee Stewart, Gloria Stephenson, Bridget Newman, Donna Silvera.

2. Review of last meeting’s minutes
Section 2 – remove the extra word “not”
Section 4a (v) – should read “Karen Lee Murphy and Carol White agreed     to be responsible”
  In attendance: Jacquie Gayle Buckley
Section 4b (ii) – should read “Leary” (Chrichton, Mullings & Associates)
Michelle moved for the adoption, seconded by Jacquie.

3. Matters for Discussion
Fundraiser – Family Fun Day (FFD), 7/13/13
Challenges re weather
Top ticket sellers recognized
Made $400 less than last year with profit of about $1250
Marcia Duncan Scott of Batten Farms pleased with the partnership
Commended Karen Lee Murphy’s daughter re video of FFD

Main source of income was the Family Fun Day
Dr. Hugh Allen’s $50 towards Sharmaine Allen Scholarship
Expenses: See financial statement for details
Scholarship recipient
Family Fun Day
Swan Dance Deposit 11/16 – St Benedict’s Church Hall

Big Sister Program
No documentation for 2011/12 & 2012/13 allocations despite multiple & continuous requests since Jun
List of awardees continue to grow (now 7) We would like another chapter to share responsibility.  We have two new student-athletes coming onboard.

Community Outreach Efforts
Sharon welcomed and explained what is involved with the outreach program to new member Joyce Tomlinson.
Sharon highlighted outreach activities – All Alumni Mtg and their sponsorship of St. Mary’s Basic School (bathroom).  Executives voted $150 to assist in replacing pit latrines with bathroom.  Participated in Kiwanis Xmas in July.
Fay attended St. George’s Primary Reunion – 8/3/13
Michelle attended Hampton/Monroe event with Sharon, Vivean & Sireta and sold tickets for Independence Dance (SHAAFL received $3 for each sold).
Upcoming events – Calabar/Queens event in September
St. Hugh’s Day – Church suggestion – Holy Family (Violette and Carol White to report on availability in 2 weeks).

4. Any Other Business
Moral support need for:
Janice Wright (Past Exec. Member)- her mother not well.
Alsia Aris (Immediate Past VP) – Mother not well
Violette Wright – mother is also ailing
Donna Silvera’s – father not well

Presentation on Entrepreneurship by Jacquie Gayle Buckley

5. Next gathering – Oct 12, 2013 @ South Broward Library, Pembroke Pines, 3 – 5 pm.

6. Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 5:40 pm, moved – Jacquie Gayle Buckley and  seconded – Michelle Manley


Swan Gathering 04/13/13


 Please come out to show your support to the outgoing SHAAFL Executive and participate in electing the new one or be a part of the executive!
Mek we tell yuh wha gwaan 2012/13 an mek we kno wey yuh waan see fe 2013/14!

We will meet in the conference room upstairs of the

South Broward Regional Library at 7300 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 3 – 5 pm. Please find attached the minutes, financials and agenda.  Kindly assist by printing and bringing along with you to the meeting.

Doan mek dis miss yu! If you can’t be there in person, join us virtually via conference line the dial-in-number: 1-712-432-3100, when prompted enter Conference Code: 274602.

Fidelitas me sey!

Kind regards,

Dr. Sharon M. Smith

President 2012/13, SHAAFL

(708) 404-5504

Greetings and reminder for Feburary 2013


On behalf of the Executive Swans, let me wish for you and your beloved the very best for 2013!

Just a reminder regarding our General Gathering, this Saturday, Feb 9th from 3 -5 pm at the South Regional Broward College Library, 7300 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, FL 33024. Please review and print the attached documents then bring them with you on Saturday!

Over spent this past season, owe some taxes, planning for a new business or retirement or just a triumphant return to Jamaica?  We are pleased to have as our special guest Mr. C. Reginald Esiobu, MBA, CPA, CFP® from Ameriprise, to discuss financial planning for the 21st century woman (even with modest means). Bring your questions, your ideas, bring your friends… don’t mek dis miss yu!  If you can’t be there in person, join us virtually via conference line the dial-in-number: 1-712-432-3100, when prompted enter Conference Code: 274602.

Kind regards,
Dr. Sharon M. Smith
President 2012/13, SHAAFL
(708) 404-5504

All Alumni Walkathon – Dec 8th 7:30 am @ Central Broward Regional


We have a challenge… two years ago we shared the trophy for most supporters at this event.  Can we bring it back home this year?

Join us, Saturday, December 8, 2012 7:30 am – noon @ All Alumni 3rd Annual Walkathon at Central Broward Regional Park, CR -Shelter 02-M, 3700 NW 11 Place, Lauderhill, FL 33311 (Sunrise & 441).  

Bring yu fambly an fren dem, dress dem inna St. Hugh’s colours, mek we win dis ting again nah!  Ongle $1.50 fe enta de paark an’ dem ah feed yu tu!!!
Fidelitas me sey!
Kind regards:
Dr. Sharon M. Smith
President 2012/13, SHAAFL
(708) 404-5504

Christmas Social Invite


We trust we all had a food-filled and relaxing Turkey Day!  

Let me start by thanking you all for the support thus far, with our numerous fundraisers, general gatherings and the most recent Church Service at Holy Sacrament to celebrate St. Hugh’s Day on Nov 18, 2012!  

Our most successful fundraiser this year, financially at least, has been the JA 50 Celebration Raffle, largely because our expenses were limited to the cost of the tickets and $100 cash prize!  In case you missed it here are the winners of the 5 prizes drawn at our Fabulous Fall Fling – Swan Dance held on St. Hugh’s Day, Nov 17, 2012


1st Prize

Half Moon

Andrea Vaughn

2nd Prize

The Tides

Diane Macina

3rd Prize

Flat Screen TV

Pamela McFarlane

4th Prize


Graham D’oyle

5th Prize

$100 cash

B Clarke


Our next gathering will take the form of an Xmas social on Dec 1st from 3 – 6 pm at the lovely home of our Swan Sis Althea Gravesandy in Pembroke Pines.  Kindly rsvp soonest or by Wednesday 11/28 @ 8 pm to this email  or or viatext (708) 404-5504  with your name and what you would like to bring


We would love to have a tray each of chicken, fish with salad & hardo bread, xmas deserts (JA style fruit cake, bread pudding, carrot cake etc.) with wine, sorrel & other beverages.  Please feel free to add what ever else you would like to bring, even if it is not listed here. 

Come join us for a relaxing afternoon and hear about our successes, the challenges, what’s next, give us suggestions for improvement and share a light meal in the spirit of Fidelitas and the holiday season!

Thanks for your continued support…. for together we achieve!


Kind regards,

Dr. Sharon M. Smith

President 2012/13, SHAAFL

(708) 404-5504