About Us

Welcome to the St. Hugh’s Alumnae Association of South Florida

Welcome to the St. Hugh’s Alumnae Association of South Florida, a 501(c)(3) organization created to serve our alma mater – St. Hugh’s High School at 1 Leinster Road, in Kingston, Jamaica. The St. Hugh’s Alumnae Association of South Florida was established in April 1989 and rebirthed in 2002.

The association’s goal is to congregate as alumnae to be a supporting resource to our school through many fundraising events such as our annual Swansation Tea (a Fidelitas Jazz replaced the picnic) held in the month of March, and our prestigious Holiday Jam Session (replaced our Swan Dance) held each November to open the holidays.

St. Hugh’s Alumnae Association of South Florida is open to all past students of St. Hugh’s High School and is governed by bylaws maintained by an executive board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Public Relations Executive). The organization membership meets the second Saturday of February, April, June, August, October, and December, to share updates from the school, to determine crucial projects, plan events, and plan our involvement with a local charity.

The St. Hugh’s Alumnae Association of South Florida welcomes all past students who would like to help support the high school that molded us to be the women we are today. Join us as we give back to help other young ladies create memories of their own.

Fidelitas in Florida!

Objective: “To provide a strong support base for alumnae and current students. Promote a sense of pride among the West Indian Community. Act as role models for the children in our community. Provide financial and moral support of St. Hugh’s High School. Establish a scholarship fund for needy and deserving children. Assist other organizations or individuals in need within the community and/or our homeland. Identify with other organizations within the community. Promote cultural development and awareness within the community”.


1. To increase paid membership and participation for funding projects/needs at St. Hugh’s High School.

2. To partner with the St. Hugh’s High School Principal for identifying the immediate economic and personal needs of the student population as identified in the schools strategic plan.

3. To provide scholarships to needy St. Hugh’s High school sisters.